Hi, I’m Aara Krishna

Since I finished my MBA in Management Information Systems & Finance in 1999, I have been dreaming of owning my business.

I enjoy building something from scratch, creating value, building something useful from ground up!

I started my career as an eCommerce entrepreneur with my school mate. Though we were energetic & were proud of pioneering eCom revolution in Coimbatore, we didn’t have experience & exposure to take our small eCommerce Business big from a small city in India forward.

Glad I followed the herd & joined corporate world to solve technology challenges. The journey took me all around the world (Asia Pacific, Europe & North America).

My corporate journey started from Chennai in 2001 (a larger Industrial hub in South India) and I started serving Ford Information Technology Services as a technology partner from CSC (then CBSI / Covansys).

As I was getting married in 2003, I got a call from head hunters to take me to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a beautiful evergreen islands & beautiful people left us with a lasting impact for rest of our lives. I enjoyed creating technology solutions for TA Orange Mobile, DTAC Mobile & Suvarnabhumi International Airport as an Lead Technology Architect.

During my stint in Thailand, I had a 2 month glimpse of Europe in 2006 as I was one of the professionals providing consulting service for Tele2 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The glimpse of Europe took me back to Belgium in 2007. I was a consulting Technology Manager for Janseen Pharma (Johnson & Johnson Group of Companies). Though we enjoyed our stay in Antwerpen & travelled around Belgium, we still regret why we didn’t travel to rest of Europe. As always we thought we are going to live forever & didn’t plan an European Country visit every weekend!

As soon as I got a glimpse in 2007 while in Belgium that my next destination will be United States of America, I started understanding how corporate life in America will be by reading “Straight from the Gut” by Jack Welch & “The Smartest Guys in the Room” – The Enron Story.

We landed in Charlotte Douglas International Airport in early 2008. As my spouse enjoyed the Charlotte Downtown view, she fell asleep to be woken up in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, our destination for 1+ year. From the Los Angeles & New York City views of USA in movies to life in smaller city with lots of nature was a beautiful transition. I was a Consulting Technology Manager for Lowe’s Companies Inc. As I was enjoying my time in North Carolina, my consulting company went through transformation due to accounting scandals. We had to relocate back to India & my spouse didn’t want to travel back until I settled down in a location instead of being a Hi-Tech Gypsy.

I travelled back to USA in 2009, this time to the West – California. I was in the Bay Area consulting for Flextronics. I loved the energy & motivation of people to be their best in California. In the meanwhile, I heard from my previous colleague that a position opened up at Lowe’s Companies Inc. I interviewed successfully & it was a home coming for us as our daughter was born in North Carolina.

From 2010 to Jan 2024, I worked full time as a Senior Technology Leader at Lowe’s Companies Inc; a fortune #31, $96 Billion company with 2500+ stores & 300,000+ employees in USA & Canada.

While my wife has been an Entrepreneur since 2016 (2 Best Brains Learning Center Franchises in Charlotte Area), I always wanted to establish a business of my own. My college-mate introduced me to Business Opportunity in Financial Services & I am enjoying the journey. I am glad that this Financial Business gave me the confidence to go full time to build my dreams from Jan 24, 2024!

Though we might make millions from our employment or from our other business opportunities, I felt having clear understanding on how to manage personal finances is fundamental to build our financial security.

As I gained more clarity of this financial services business opportunity, I understood that I am not just ensuring my financial security but I am also building my financial freedom so that I can gain my time & location freedom to do what I love doing in my life!